Flexy Flow Yoga Workshop Series

//Flexy Flow Yoga Workshop Series

Flexy Flow Yoga Workshop Series


Flexy Flow 6 Part Yoga Workshop Series with Flexy Michelle

Dates: April 5 – May 10
Time: Sunday’s at 2:00 – 3:30 pm
Location: Hot Yoga Winnipeg (301 Nassau St.)

Dropin: $20.00 + gst ($21.00)
6 Part Series: $89.00 + gst ($93.45)

Please bring: mat, yoga towel, & water (Free street parking)

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Join Flexy Michelle for her Interactive 6 Part Flexy Flow Yoga Workshop Series!

This series is designed to increase strength and flexibility while focusing on alignment and technique. There will be one-on-one instruction and plenty of opportunities to ask questions!

Each class will be 1.5 hours in length and will begin much like a regular Vinyasa Flow Class, but there will be an in-depth focus on one area in every workshop. Each workshop will build upon one another, however drop-ins and ALL LEVELS are more than WELCOME to attend. Modifications and variations will be offered as we anticipate many different skill levels.

Part 1: Chaturanga Workshop & Yoga Foundations (Sunday April 5)
The primary focus of this class will be on how to correctly do a Chaturanga, also known as a yoga push up or a tricep  pushup. We will work on the variation/modification that is appropriate for your skill level and learn how to work your way up to a “full” Chaturanga, moving smoothly through Surya Namaskar A and B (Sun Salutations A and B)

Part 2: Stretches for Splits Foundations (Sunday April 12) 
Don’t be intimidated by the word “splits!” You do not need to be able to do the splits or learn how to do the splits in this 1 hour class. Exercises that will help you grow towards achieving a split will be introduced and variations for ALL skill levels. Proper implementation of Surya Namaskar A and B will be very relevant while exploring more exercises that lengthen the calves and hamstrings.

Part 3: Heart Openers & Back Bends (Sunday April 19)
The main focus of this workshop will be on opening the front body and back bending. To achieve these goals, we will explore exercises that open the shoulders, pectorals, and lower abdominals as well as lengthening and strengthening the spine.

Part 4: Hip Openers (Sunday April 26)
This workshop will explore different asanas that align the hips to help gain flexibility. The alignment of our hips is frequently over-looked. However, they are responsible for the lack of symmetry in our bodies and why we tend to overcompensate on one side versus the other.

Part 5: Core Strength and Balances (Sunday May 3)
We will perform conditioning exercises to strengthen the core and wake up the abdominal muscles used in balances. We will begin with one of the most basic balances, bakasana crow and work on other balances, drawing from asanas worked on in previous workshops such as your flying split and flying pigeon. (Pigeon pose will be introduced in the previous workshop, Hip Openers.

Part 6: Beginner & Intermediate Inversions (Sunday May 10)
Inversions are poses where the heart is above the head. The most basic inversion would be a shoulder stand, which is not as intimidating as it sounds if you are unfamiliar! Appropriate modifications will be shown so that individuals can work on their expression of their inversion. Depending on your skill level, we can start you off nice and easy or get right into your headstands and arm stands.


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