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November is International Epilepsy Month

Michelle is an epilepsy warrior! She developed epilepsy later in life as a result of trauma to her brain in a car accident. It took years to control the condition. However, she was lucky to have the family and people in her life that could take care of her during these rough years. Michelle now celebrates being seizure-free for over 5 years!

This Sunday November 25th Michelle has planned a Barre and Yoga Fundraising Event at the East St. Paul Arena from 11:00 am to 1:45 pm for only a $5.00 donation! If you are attending the Barre Class, please bring a couple canned goods to be used as weights and then you can leave them behind to be donated to a Christmas Hamper! There will be healthy snacks from Cranked Energy, prizes, and WEAR PURPLE!!! (the colour for epilepsy awareness.)

She is also currently selling bracelets for Epilepsy Awareness for $40.00  by the I am love project founded by Amy Tung. The name of this bracelet is Temperance. It has a large, gold plated amethyst stone which is an all-healing stone; two 14k gold 4mm beads, and fossil beads.

For more DETAILS and to REGISTER for FREE, please click here!

…more details on her epileptic journey

Michelle feels the need to support this cause as she understands what epilepsy does to one’s life. Her independence was stunted, but she maintained good spirits. She was always optimistic. Just as epilepsy had appeared in her life, she thought it would disappear the same way. However, it did  not, but it is now controlled.

Medications made her tired, foggy, affected her memory, and some medications even caused her to have more seizures (but less severe). You can only imagine how difficult that would be when you are in University and studying for the LSAT!!! She even lost summer and part-time jobs as a result of her seizure condition.  Employers couldn’t keep an employee who would have seizures on the job whenever things got busy. Stress, dehydration, fatigue, low blood sugar, and lack of sleep are amongst a few things that trigger her seizures… so basically everything a University student confronts on a daily basis! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Michelle spent her early-mid 20’s battling seizures, side-effects from medications, and a loss of the independence during the formative years when she was trying to establish her independence as a young adult woman. Without this battle, she doesn’t think she would have ever become a yoga instructor. Her seizure condition in a way led her away from her academic path and towards movement. As she released herself from her scholastic pursuits, she began to explore pole fitness and contortion.

Alpaca Yoga with Flexy Michelle 🐪🌿

On August 1st 2018, Ann Patman, also known as “Annie Alpaca” (owner of 313 Farms in Anola, MB) and I, Flexy Michelle hosted the first ever Alpaca Yoga Event in central Canada and it was wildly successful! We hosted a second Alpaca Yoga Event on September 17th, 2018 and it also went really well!

Here is a short video from our Alpaca Yoga Class on September 17, 2018:

Unless you joined me at the past two events, I guarantee you that Alpaca Yoga will be like no other yoga event you have ever experienced! I will guide you through a 45-minute beginner style yoga class with modifications for all levels, followed by 30 minutes where you can pet the alpacas and take selfies! There will be 10 alpacas that will join us and roam around while we do yoga! Alpacas are very sweet and gentle. They are truly magical creatures and much smaller than you would imagine! For context I’m 5’1 and you can see that I have height on Benny, an adult male alpaca (see below) even with his long neck!

*Note: Ages 16+ NO EXCEPTIONS! This is to ensure the safety of ALL participants, including the animals, and to treat all participants fairly and equally. Children often find the yoga too challenging (even with the modifications) or cannot sustain their attention for the duration of the class – especially because there are alpacas walking around! This takes away from the quality of the class and can be very distracting to both the participants and the animals. I do teach children and we are looking to host a Children’s Alpaca Yoga Class in 2019, so hang tight! 😊