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Youth Alpaca Yoga (YAY!) with Flexy Michelle (Ages  3 – 10) 🐪🌿

Youth Alpaca Yoga (YAY!) is making its debut for children ages 3 to 10!!! Detailed rules and regulations are available below and at the event registration page (also below.) Join me for a fun filled evening of yoga, laughs, and furry friends on Monday June 24th  from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at 313 Farms located in Anola, Manitoba.

Here’s a short clip of (adult) Alpaca Yoga last fall!


This will be an experience like no other Mommy & Me Yoga Class! Flexy Michelle will guide you through a 30-minute children’s style yoga class with modifications for different skill levels and ages. She will be instructing you while 10 alpacas roam around so that you can watch them and interact with them during the class! Alpacas are very sweet, gentle creatures and much smaller than you would imagine. The last 30 minutes will be like a petting-zoo where you and your children can feed the alpacas and take photos!

* Rain Date: Thursday June 27th, 6:30-7:30pm

* Please see all FAQ’s for details.



“Recommended” ages are 3 – 10 years. 

What if my child is under the age of 3?

For insurance purposes, we cannot have any children under the age of 3 years participate in the yoga session. However, if you have a child that is 3 years or older participating in the yoga session (with you or another adult) and you would also like to bring your baby or toddler, this is permitted provided another adult is with the baby or toddler outside of the corral during the yoga session. The non-participating adult and baby/toddler can watch the 30 minute session provided they are not being distracting or intrusive on the session. Once the session is completed, the adult and baby/toddler can come visit with the alpacas FREE of charge under the supervision of a guardian or adult and the child/adult ratio is still 3:1. Anyone participating in the yoga session must pay $10, but if you are just watching the session looking to visit with the animals after, consider this a FREE VISIT!

What if my child is older than 10 years?

Your child is welcome provided they are aware and okay with participating in a yoga class that will be designed for a younger audience. If under 18, the child to adult ratio still applies, 3 children to one adult.


For every 3 children, there must be at least 1 adult present. If there are 4-6 children, they must be accompanied by a minimum of 2 adults. For every 3 children added, another adult is required to satisfy the 3:1 ratio.

Children often find the yoga challenging (even with modifications) or if is challenging to sustain their attention for the duration of the class – especially because there will be walking around! This takes away from the quality of the class and can be distracting and even dangerous to both the participants and the animals.

All participants must take reasonable care to avoid unforeseen events or harmful occurrences and must comply with the above rules and regulations. The adult assumes responsibility for their child and the onus is on the adult that is accompanying the child. Neither Flexy Michelle nor 313 Farms will assume any responsibility for any unplanned or harmful occurrences if the adult does not comply with the above.

What if my child has special needs?

If this is applicable to any of the children you are planning to take with you to YAY (Youth Alpaca Yoga), for safety reasons, you MUST CONTACT FLEXY MICHELLE ON or BEFORE June 24, BEFORE arriving at the session. (All of her contact info is included at the bottom of the page; email is best.) She is very accommodating as she  actually began her yoga career as a volunteer, teaching yoga to children with communication disorders, autism, and adults with aphasia (mostly recovering stroke victims.)

How Ticket Sales Work:

1 child + 1 adult = $20.00 (no child will be unchaperoned, review rules provided above)

For every added child or added adult, an extra $10.00 is added on.


Driving to 313 Farms: 35157 Mission Rd. Anola, MB

(Anola is very close to Oak Bank, MB)

Directions from Winnipeg:

  • Make your way to Dugald Rd. East (Hwy 15) to Highway 12 in Anola
  • Turn right on Highway 12
  • Travel 2 miles and turn right on Mission Rd.
  • On the corner of Mission Rd and Highway 12, you will find 35157 Mission Rd.
  • Small green address sign
  • We will post additional signage to assist
  • Parking available on Mission Rd.