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Benefits of Group Classes LIVE on ZOOM:
– Limits contact with COVID-19 and other viruses
– Convenience! (from the comfort of your own home!)
– No commute time (time = money!)
– No confrontation with traffic or horrible winter road conditions (No car accidents!)
– No gas expense or harm to the environment as a result of transportation
– Stronger sense of connection as opposed to playing a pre-recorded YouTube video with commercials and instructors you don’t know.
– Classmates provide an element of personal connection and peer support
– Arrange a bi-weekly workout date with a friend online! Very convenient, especially during COVID and an easy way to stay motivated and be kept accountable!
– You probably know some of the people in the live virtual class from when classes were live and in-person.
– If you don’t know anyone in the virtual classes, you can make friends by chatting before class and following each other on other social media platforms to offer support!
– Live classes give you the opportunity to ask questions and chat before and after class with the instructor. You won’t go without questions answered because I am even more accessible online than in person! No matter your personality type; Live classes on Zoom have you covered! You can privately message me. group message me, or just unmute yourself to get my attention!
– Less expensive than in-person classes
– Great option for introverts! You can even shut off your camera! However, I suggest keeping your camera on so that I can guide and instruct you better by seeing what you are doing and how you are progressing.
РGood way to just give something a try with minimal commitment 
– No need to worry about when the studio will get shut down due to health regulations concerning COVID-19

Private Zoom Classes:
Are a great option if you have a busy schedule or live far from your desired studio. My Virtual Studio is convenient and a less expensive option than one-on-one training in person. You benefit from one-on-one instruction that can help you progress more efficiently in achieving your mental and physical health goals.

A complimentary 15-minute consultation is included before your first PRIVATE class. Contact me to get started!